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Useful web-sites:


  • www.fegi.ru The Russian Far East website – from supergenic minerals to a famous actor.

    New publications:

    Yakhontova, L.K., and Zvereva, V.P. Principles of supergenic mineralogy.

    This important summary systematizes data on 800 minerals (140 sulfate species, 115 arsenate, 115 oxide, etc.) from the oxidation zone of various mineral deposits of the world, with an emphasis on tin deposits of the Russian Far East. Supergenic effects caused by microorganisms are discussed. This site presents on-line Russian version of the book, which hardcopy version issue was quite small.

  • A useful Index
  • to Minerals Images

    Index to Minerals Images   in book Minerals First Discovered on the Territory of Former Soviet Union by Igor V. Pekov (1998), is introduced at http://www.element51.com/article9.htm (SEM photos, drawings of crystals, and color photos). An alphabetic list of minerals specifies page numbers where images of minerals are placed.

    Russian Collectors in the Internet:

    Konstantin Igorevich Klopotov, mineralogist-amateur. He lives in Angarsk, Irkutsk Region. Since 1969 he regularly visits Slyudyanskie deposits. The mineral collection numbers approximately 4000 samples of more than 400 mineral species. The main regions of author’s interests are Slyudyanka, Borshchevochnyi ridge, Mt. Sherlovaya, a number of Urals deposits. He has two projects: 1) project “Minerals of Russia” 2) hand-book for collector of minerals
    more detail: http://www.angarsk.ru/~klopotov/ and http://klopotow.narod.ru/

    Gennadii Grigor’evich Smirnov, physicist, works in Snezhinsk, collects agates etc., shoots videofilms about them.

    Isaak Moiseevich Izrailev (born 1927), physicist, works in Snezhinsk, collector of minerals (more than 300 species on 1998) and landscape stone. www.ch70.chel.su/people/izrailev/


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