Discover the woderful
World of Russian Gem Treasures !

  Discover the wonderful world of the Tzar' treasures,
the beauty of the Hermitage, the wealth of
the Diamond Fund and other great Russian museums!

Marvel at the work of Faberge, Vasilli Konovalenko,
and the brilliant work of modern Russian gem artists

Go with us to the gem deposits of the Ural Mountains and Siberia where emeralds, alexandrite,tourmaline, topaz, jade and charoite have been found.
Watch the mining of gem green demantoid garnet, wonderful gem quartz, and beautiful green chrome diopside in the remote reaches of Siberia!

... all these and much more !

Hosted by  Robert (Bob) W. Jones

* VHS Hi-Fi Stereo * NTSC and PAL versions available *

Robert (Bob) W. Jones (USA) and Michael Leybov (RUSSIA)
Copyright (c) 1997 Ocean Pictures Ltd.
Copyright (c) 1997 World of Stones
Intergems (Chez Republic)
The Collector's Edge Minerals (USA)
SVL Analitical Lab, Inc.,
a full service environmental laboratory


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