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Mineralogical Almanac  

News on September 1 - September 15, 2003


Field season 2003 at the Kola Peninsula

Dmitry Lisitsyn brought remarkable radial aggregates of pectolite crystals from the Koashva Pit, Khibiny,.

Igor V. Pekov just in a month (August 12–September 12) managed to visit Kovdor, Monchegorsk -  for the first time (magnesiochromite!), as well as the Lovozero and Khibiny massifs, and Afrikanda (perovskite as unusually large crystals, max. 4 cm.)

Here is a noteworthy fact: in the middle of July Sergey Mironov, the Chairman of the RF Federation Council and a geophysicist in the past, was driven to the famous Eveslogchorr astrofillite deposit by a helicopter. His “prey” has been magnificent: an astrophyllite “sun” against the white feldspar background.

A propos, three connoisseurs of the Khibiny massif independently chose astrophyllite as a symbol mineral of Khibiny. Igor V. Pekov, a mineralogist, Sergey G. Gluboky, senior geologist of the Vostochny mine, and Alexander S. Podlesny, a blaster at the Kirovskii mine and a collector. In the same manner they also chose lorenzenite as the mineral that symbolizes the Lovozero Massif.

The Mineralogical museum of the Apatity geological institute replenished its collection with one of the best litvinskite samples, along with a large eveslogite sample. This mineral was discovered this year at the Mt. Everslogchorr; Yury P. Menshikov, the discoverer, donated it.

Memorable dates

During September 2–8, the Jeweler 2002 international exhibition occurred in Sokolniki exhibition center, Moscow (the 45th Moscow international fair of precious metals, gems, jewelery, watch, and bijoux.) Rosyuvelirtorg company organized this exhibition. Seventy-five thousand person visited it. (http://expo.jewellernet.ru)

During September 3–5, 2003, the 21st Seminar on the Magmatic Rock Geochemistry occurred in the Geological institute of the Kola Scientific Center (RAS), Apatity. Alexander P. Khomyakov and Igor V. Pekov presented the reports, which strongly interested the audience (Conceptual mineralogy of the Khibiny-Lovozero Complex, its past, present, and future, and Genetic crystal chemistry of Be in the alkali series differentiates, respectively.)

On September 4, 2003, a lasting gap in the Proceedings of A.E. Fersman Mineralogical museum (RAS) was bridged: the resumed periodical obtained a new format, along with color plates and figures.

On September 7, 1926, A.N. Labuntsov and his colleagues mounted the claim posts at the Rasvumchorr Plateau and Apatitovy Tsirk deposits he discovered.

On September 11, Marie Huizig, the Rock & Minerals managing editor for many years, was born.

On September 12, Jan Bernhard was born, a prominent Czech mineralogist and an author of compendiums on the Czech and Slovakian mineralogy and an encyclopedia of minerals.

On September 12, Vitaly Nikolaevich Gerassienko was born, a staff member of the V.V. Yershov museum, MSMU.

On September 13, 1923, Prof. Claude Guillemin (d. 1994) was born, a mineralogist and curator of the mineralogical collection of L’Ecole des Mines museum in Paris; he was the great connoisseur of the world mineralogical collections. Mineral guilleminite was named in his honor.

On September 13, 1908, Vincent Morgan (“Mr. Boron”) was born (d. 1955), who collected minerals from the famous Boron deposit, California.

At the bookshelf

Late this summer, the Yekaterinburg booksellers got from the OAE Publishers a large-format gift album on the minerals from the Uralian geological museum, with parallel Russian and English texts and figure captions:

The Treasures of the “Stone Belt” by Dement’yev, I.V., Polenov, Yu.A., Avdonin, V.N., Tyul’kin, V.G., and Burlakov, E.V. (2003), Yekaterinburg, 144 pp.

Three centuries of the Russian Mining and Geological survey: Geology and Minerals of Altai, with History of Mining, AGV Publishers, 2000, 544 pp.
In particular, this book comprises A.A. Galkina’s paper, The Role of Mineralogical Collections in Geological Studies of Altai in the 18th –19th Centuries



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