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Mineralogical Almanac  

News on February, 2003

News from the deposits

Belorechenskoe Deposit. In February 2003, M. Moiseev found individual barite crystals up to 5-7 cm long, for the first time in this deposit.
Dalnegorsk. Victor Ponomarenko visited this place in February 2003. He reported pyrrhotite, arsenopyrite and other sulfides with fine ilvaite crusts as a new type of specimens found in this deposit. Quartz druses (up to 10-20 cm), including Japanese twins, attracted special interest.
Crimea (reduced version) (information by Alexander Tishchenko, Simferopol).
Hexahydrite – new location and new genetic type of the mineral in Crimea. Identified by Yu.A. Polkanov in 2001collection. It forms white blooms in bank scarps near the township of Privetnoe.
Gerhardtite – first finding in Crimea and the Ukraine. Diagnosed by Tishchenko in 1995 collection from the debris of marmorized limestone in the lower parts of the left flank in the Kizil-Kobin canyon. It forms fine green-blue crusts on block surfaces and microcrystals (up to 0.1 mm) in the cavities of brecciated marmorized limestone, bearing fine disseminated pyrite and chalcopyrite.
Goslarite – the first find in Crimea, discovered by Yu.A. Polkanov in supergene sulfate crusts in Fiolent.
Pectolite (?) – found by Tishchenko in 2000 in the Lozovoe Pit, forms parallel-fibrous veinlets in blocks of brecciated limestone. Needs more precise diagnosis.
Pickeringite – second verified find in Crimea, is discovered in the Petropavlovsk Pit near Simferopol together with tamarugite (also second find in Crimea). Diagnosed by Tishchenko in season crusts of ferrous sulfate that develop in oxidation zone of welded tuff.

Photo expositions

On February 19, 2003, a new photo exposition was opened in the Fersman Mineralogical Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences (in center of the hall). Boris Kantor, collector and author of books about mineral, popular among admirers of stone, demonstrated 29 color mineral photographs. As it turned out, Kantor likes to shoot not only stones. This first exhibition of the sort in the oldest museum will last till May.
On March 10, the “Zodchiy Culture Center” (23 Partizanskaya Street, Moscow, near “Molodyozhnaya” tube station) opened a photo exposition of Vladimir Mal’tsev – geologist, famous explorer of caves and photographer, known not only by speleologists, but also by mineralogists, due to remarkable photographs of crystal shapes of gypsum, calcite, and ice. The exposition will last till the end of March.


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