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Mineralogical Almanac  

News on April 15 - May 15, 2004

Main Event of this year

August, 2004.  The Fifty Anniversary of the Discovery of first primary deposits of diamond in Siberia made by the young geologist Larisa Popugaeva.

Events from the Fersman Mineralogical Museum

April 26, 2004, the collaborators of the Fersman Mineralogical Museum have first carried out the unusual action, “Stone festival”, in the school ¹ 1306 (Moscow). It was the one-day exhibition of the minerals with stories about minerals, their properties, use, and so on. Small video-films have acquainted the children with minerals in the museums of Moscow and Ekaterinburg, famous Murzinka, the Tucson Show, volcanoes etc. During a day (from 10 to 17 o’clock) tens of the schoolboys and schoolgirls of junior classes (beginning from 6 years old!) have visited the library where the exhibition was held. Some children have brought samples from their collections to show and to determine the minerals. Villiaumite from Khibiny which girl Ksyusha has brought from Kirovsk could beautify an exhibition of any museum.

New book:

April 2004. Arkadii G. Zhabin, mineralogist noted for his works on mineral ontogeny has acted in new quality. In Moscow his “Swarthy ditcher” was published, the novel “investigating a nature of human genius, one of its faces expressing through magnificence of belles-lettres. The author reflects on existence of two personalities, two souls on the base of one body, regards a phenomenon of right and left, the striking mystery of our world. As professor James Larkin wrought in epilogue, “Main erudition of the author and literary stylistics impress. We have rare case realized when a scientist-naturalist so organically uses the literary method for analysis of most difficult problems of psychology and psychiatry” and then “the prose of “Swarthy ditcher” causes the sensation as if you see a film or a theatrical performance”, he expresses the certainty that the cinematographic or theatrical versions of the novel will be created. We shall remind, Arkadii Zhabin has carried out 43 expeditionary seasons in Siberia, at the Urals, Kola Peninsula, the Caucasus etc., he has published 264 scientific articles and 8 monographies (“Ontogeny of the minerals” etc.). It is interesting that in 1980’s he has become as though godfather of Boris Z. Kantor in the world of letters, promoted the appearance of the book “Collecting of the minerals”, which is known to many today.

Russian Collectors in the Internet:

Konstantin Igorevich Klopotov, mineralogist-amateur. He lives in Angarsk, Irkutsk Region. Since 1969 he regularly visits Slyudyanskie deposits. The mineral collection numbers approximately 4000 samples of more than 400 mineral species. The main regions of author’s interests are Slyudyanka, Borshchevochnyi ridge, Mt. Sherlovaya, a number of Urals deposits. He has two projects: 1) project “Minerals of Russia” 2) hand-book for collector of minerals
more detail: http://www.angarsk.ru/~klopotov/ and http://klopotow.narod.ru/

Gennadii Grigor’evich Smirnov, physicist, works in Snezhinsk, collects agates etc., shoots videofilms about them.

Isaak Moiseevich Izrailev (born 1927), physicist, works in Snezhinsk, collector of minerals (more than 300 species on 1998) and landscape stone. www.ch70.chel.su/people/izrailev/


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