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News on March 15 - April 15, 2004


March–April, in the Vernadsky State Geological Museum, the traditional exhibition of mineral photos was held.
More than 50 works of Michael B. Leibov and Nikolai O. Parlashkevich were represented. Gold and silver were notable by quantity of photos (in sixes) among two dozens of represented minerals. There were outstanding specimens attracting for mineralogists: brazilianite, prehnite (regular sphere, 3.5 cm in diameter, from the region of Ayan Lake in Middle Siberia), interesting by their shape crystals of such ordinary minerals from Dal’negorsk as quartz (“cut”), calcite (“gnome”), and “spherical” fluorite (two latter specimens form Victor Ponomarenko collection). The photo of fluorite with wolframite crystal from China (Sandor Fuss collection) was expressive.

At the same hall the stone eggs from collection of Moscow geologist Evgenii A. Lyashko were demonstrated. One paid attention that some of them were made from minerals, colored stones, and rocks, which are rare for this type of articles: amblygonite, bauxite, bornite, datolite, “irnimite”, natrolite, pollucite, petalite, pyrochlore (!), rubidium muscovite, tinguaite. The material of other articles was from deposits, which didn’t well-known to collectors, for example, azur-malachite and cordierite from Gornyi Altai.


On March 5 – April 5, 2004 in the State Central Museum of Contemporary Russian History the exhibition “Behind the diamond” took place. It was organized by Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, State Central Museum of Contemporary Russian History, Yemelyan Yaroslavsky Yakutsk State United Museum of History and Culture of Northern People, and Historical-Industrial Museum of JSC “ALROSA”, Mirnyi city.

The exhibition was devoted to 50-year anniversary of discovery of the first diamond deposit in Yakutia and 50-year anniversary of the foundation of Mirnyi city.
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Mineral Show

On April 3-4, at All-Russian Exhibition Center the Mineral Show “Gemma” was held.
The druses of grossular from Bazhenovskoye deposit (region of Mt. Asbest, Middle Urals) exhibited by
Alexander V. Ivonin (Urals Mineralogical Museum) attracted general attention.
At the same table perovskite, remarkable crystals (up to 3-4 cm) on the matrix, from the region northwestwards from Zlatoust (South Urals) were slightly “lost” by appearance (but not by price) near the brilliance of grossular druses. Recently the latter deposit gave the specimens somewhat comparable with classic ones from Akhmatovskaya and Zelentsovskaya mines located at 10-15 km from this place. Alexander Ivonin offers also the specimens from Izumrudnye mines (Middle Urals), phenakite, beryl, and euclase, rare for this deposit.

There were quite good and cheap (for 100-200 rubles) specimens from Dashkesan (Azerbaijan), gray crystals (with heads, up to 4-5 cm in length) of apatite on matrix, magnetite (clear crystals up to 2 cm in size), calcite etc. Alongside of them there were the boxes with small specimens of rutile from occurrence on Mt. Kapyjik (= “Kapujukh” etc.), made sensation on fairs some years ago, crystals (up to 2-3 cm in size) in rock. Firm “Crystal-Decor” has the crusts of kidney-shaped rhodochrosite from Ushkatyn-III deposit (Kazakhstan), two of which were given to the Mineralogical Museum MGGRU.

Moscow friends of Mineralogy Club

March 19, 2004. Vitalii Ya. Gerasimenko. Minerals of Aldan in the exhibition of Museum.
                           Mikhail Yu. Bakhin Flints of Vladimir Region (program of slides, CD presentation)

March 26. Aleksandr V. Surkov. Trips of geologist in Mongolia. Gold from placers.
                  Dmitrii I. Belakovskii. The treasures of American collectors (videofilm, 2002).

April 2.
   Igor V. Pekov.  Trip of mineralogist at Sri-Lanka Island (with slide showing).

April 9. Aleksandr Evseev. Amethyst in the exhibition of the Fersman Mineralogical Museum and in the Internet.

April 19, 2004. Aleksandr Evseev. Minerals of Colorado in the exhibition of the Fersman
                                       Mineralogical Museum and in the Internet.
                     Grigorii Abramov. Trips on Colorado (videofilms).

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