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Geology of Gems by Eugenii Kievlenko.

Edited by Dr. Art Soregaroli. First English Edition. Ocean Pictures Ltd., 2003
468 pages, including color supplementary - 32 pages.
136 color plates, 128 b/w drawings, hard cover.

rice: $98

The book contains detailed and comprehensive information about gem localities over the world, and their geological setting. The book is full of geological illustrations, which make the text easily understandable. In addition we included 136 color photographs of all the main gems, mentioned in the book, taken by the best mineral photographers of the world. The data is of great value both for collectors and professionals.

Though not a textbook it will undoubtedly be useful for professors at Universities and Geological and Mining Schools.

Supporting organizations:
Russian Geological Society, Lomonosov Moscow State University



Russian and former USSR geologists, mineralogists and other researchers have provided perhaps the most comprehensive studies of gemstone deposits and gemstone-bearing areas than those in any other part of the world. Documentations of these studies have reached other countries in somewhat piecemeal fashion. Geology of Gems provides for the first time in English a more complete review of the results of their work and an understanding of their considerations and conclusions on the genesis of such deposits.

The strength of the book lies the geologic-genetic approach to gemstone deposits throughout the world. Coverage is international in scope and includes most of the major gemstone deposits, albeit there is a heavy emphasis on deposits in the Russian Federation and former USSR. Although many important gemstone deposits have been discovered since the Geology of Gems was written, there has been no attempt to incorporate data on these deposits.

The authorís purpose in writing the book was to provide a framework for the exploration and discovery of new gemstone deposits. This goal has been accomplished. Eighteen chapters are devoted to specific minerals or mineral groups, such as Corundum, Beryl, Garnet, Charoite, etc. Unfortunately the book lacks a chapter on Diamonds, which have always received special and isolated attention in Russia.

Kievlenkoís classification of gemstones based on value (early 1990 prices) is the continuation of a Russian tradition dating from the mid-1880ís. Many gemologists, mineralogists and others will consider such a classification arbitrary and controversial, however, the classification provides insight into the history of Russian gemstone studies and does not detract from the geologic-genetic strength of the framework of the book.

There is considerable confusion in the literature with regards to deposit and geographic names and locations, especially where they have been translated into Russian and then into English. Partial resolution of this confusion was accomplished through consultation of various general reference and text books; inventories of mineral localities; geographic atlases and maps; various periodical journals devoted to gems, minerals and related topics; glossaries of obsolete mineral names and synonyms; personal conversations with learned friends; and communications with Michael Leybov and Ludmilla Cheshko (Egorova). This process considerably extended the editorial process and required some arbitrary selections. Thus, there is no inference that all names have been resolved. I have assumed that those citations in the text, which are not found in the References, are personal communications.

Brief and frank discussions with Wendell Wilson, John White and Bob Cook provided insight into dealing more directly with some issues. Their input is appreciated. I am especially grateful to my wife, Rosalie, for encouragement during her many months of solitude while editing was in progress, Carla Soregaroli for her many, many hours of word processing of several versions of the text, and Felix Kaminsky for his help in understanding Russian terminology and reinterpretation of some text.

Art Soregaroli Editor, English Edition




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