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Mineralogical Almanac  

Memorable days of March

On March 12, 1863, Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadskiy was born. He was a great Russian scientist and thinker, a prominent mineralogist and a founder of geochemistry. Mineral vernadite is named in his honor.
On March 15, 1938, Margarita Ivanovna Novgorodova was born. She is a specialist in gold mineralogy, director of the Fersman Mineralogical Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences,. Mineral novgorodovaite is named in her honor.
On March 15, 1932, Oleg Vasilievich Kononov was born. He is a specialist in luminescence and mineral typomorphism, technogenic mineralogy and gemology. During more than 40 years, he works as a lecturer at the Mineralogical Department of the Moscow State University.
On March 16, 1967, mineralogist Igor Pekov was born. He works at the Mineralogical Department of the Moscow State University as a researcher on mineralogy of alkaline massifs. He is an author of guidebook on new minerals discovered in the former USSR, review about the Lovozero pegmatite and others. He also gathered one of the largest systematic collections of minerals.
On March 16,1936, mineralogist Vyacheslav Dusmatov was born. He is one of the first explorers of Dara-I-Pioz Massif. Mineral of dusmanovite, discovered in this massif, is named in his honor.



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