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Mineralogical Almanac  

Memorable days of June

On June 6, 1835, a 480-t nest of malachite was found in the Nadeznaya mine near Nizhniy Taghil, Middle Urals. The nest carried a 40-t monolith, the largest one ever found in Russia.

On June 13, 1955, a field team headed by Yu.I. Khabardin discovered a kimberlite pipe Mir, the second known then in the world and the largest bedrock diamond deposit outside South Africa.

On June 17, 1825, Pyotr Arkad’yevich Kochubei was born (died 1892), an adjunct of chemistry and practical mechanics in the Artillery Academy and a chairman of the Imperial Russian Technical Society (1882). Mineralogy was his hobby, and his collection was among the best in the Russian history. A.E. Fersman described its dramatic history in his Essays on the History of Stone. Its preserved part is stored in the A.E. Fersman Mineralogical Museum. In particular, it comprises the world famous group of 22 alexandrite crystals and an emerald from Izumrudnye Kopi (Emerals Pits), Urals, and a sample with large perovskite crystals from Akhmatovskaya mine, South Urals

On June 30, 1927, Mal’va Alexandrovna Smirnova, one of the oldest staff members of the Fersman museum, was born. She was a chief custodian of the collections during 1970–1990



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