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Mineralogical Almanac  

Memorable days of July

On July 12, 1914, J. Barlow, a well-known collector of minerals was born

On July 12, 1915, Yul Brynner was born, a well-known American actor (The Magnificent Seven, Brothers Karamazov, Ten Commandments, etc.). His father Boris Yu. Brinner, a graduate of St. Petersburg Mining Institute, published in this year his paper, Auriferous lead mines of Tetyukhe [now Dal’negorsk, Russia]. Brinner the granddad was in mining business and started the work here in Dal’negorsk in the 1890’s.

On July 15, 1908, Fyodor Vassil’yevich Chukhrov, a academician of Russia Academy of Science, was born (died 1988). He was a director of IGEM RAS and an editor-in-chief of the fundamental MINERALS series established un 1960. Mineral chukhrovite was named in his honor.

On July 16, 1923, A.N. Labuntsov and his colleagues discovered a block field of high-grade apatite ore over the area exceeding 10k km2 in Rasvumchorr plateau, Khibiny (Kola Peninsula). Their discovery became the first milestone in development of a huge mineral deposit; the area beat all records in the number of new mineral species discovered here.

On July 21, 1935, Vladimir A. Pelepenko, an outstanding collector, was born. In December 2000 he opened his private Ural Mineralogical Museum in Ekaterinburg. Samples collected in the 1970's – 1990's from famous deposits of Kazakhstan (Aqshetau/Akchatau, Kara-Oba, Zhezkazgan/Dzhezkazgan), Middle Asia (Kadamzhai, Khaidarkan), the Urals (Emerald Mine), Siberia (Noril’sk area), and Russian Far East (Dal’negorsk) make this collection an object to see and admire.

On July 22, 1988, in Dal’negorsk (Russian Far East), the Museum-and-Exhibition center was opened to the public. Its exposition displays remarkable mineral samples from this region, including a unique “champignon” of calcite.

On July 27 Dmitry A. Romanov was born, an amateur mineralogist, an apprentice of V.I. Stepanov, and a connoisseur of collection stones. He was with the A.E. Fersman Mineralogical museum in 1980’s – 1990’s.

On July 27, 1893, Vladimir Ivanovich Vlodavets, a foundator of Russian volcanology, was born (d. 1993). A new mineral vlodavetsite was named in his honor.

On July 29, 1993, the first issue of the World of Stones (Mir kamnya) was published (had been issued during 1993–1997), the first illustrated Russian magazine for mineralogists and collectors. The back issues of this magazine available here…

On July 31, 1988, Prof. Richard Scott Mitchell has died, a mineralogist who worked in the Virginia University. His original and interesting book, Mineral Names. What do they mean?, was translated into Russian.

On July 31, 1931, Laszlo Horvath, an amateur mineralogist, photographer, and mineral collector, was born. He is an author of a review of new minerals discovered in Canada and named in the honor of Canadians.


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