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Memorable days on April

April 1973 Samotsvety (Color Stones),  a salon-museum, was opened in Moscow due to the initiative of Anatoly I. Kuvarzin, who ñcelebrated his 80th birthday on April 2003. The museum have been built in fiveyears (1973–1978). It’s funds included unique mineral samples and pieces of art. The salon-museum became a head national organization for export of these items; the prospecting and mining expedition, Exportsamotsvety [Color Stones for Export] was formed in 1973. Anatoly Kuvarzin headed this expedition during 1973–1984. Thirty-five countries imported from Russia. Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, USA, and Poland were among the major partners. In early 80’s the export structure was as follows: 46% raw materials, 42% semi-products, 10% manufactured articles, and 2% specimens for collecting. Later on the proportion of the mineral specimens grew up to 14%.

As wrote by Razvedka Nedr [Prospecting] journal):
Thus, a specialized permanent exhibition of the 6th All-Union Productive Alliance of the Ministry of Geology of the USSR was first transformed into the Color Stones Salon (Exportsamotsvety Foreign Trade Company), and in 1994 it was re-organized to become the Samotsvety [Color Stones] Museum
 at 29/1 Narodnogo Opolcheniya ul., Moscow.

Vladimir S. Chernavtsev’s article about this museum see in World of Stones magazine, 1994, issue 4, pp. 58-60          

April 3 – Lev Andreevich Suzdaltsev was born. He graduated from the is a mineralogist and collector, living in Chelyabinsk. He graduated from the St.-Petersburg University. During recent 20 years, he gifted several outstanding specimens to the university and other museums. These are epidote and perovskite from the Zelentsovskaya Mine in the South Urals, record pyrochlore crystals from the Tartar massif in Siberia.

April 4, 1765, Mikhail Vassil’evich Lomonosov died (born 1711), an encyclopedist of a scholar and a poet. His first scientific work was compilation of the Kunstkamera mineralogical collection catalog, the collection that gave rise to the Fersman Mineralogical Museum of RAS. Mineral lomonosovite is named in his honor.

April 8, 1765, Vassily Mikhailovich Severgin, a prominent chemist and mineralogist, was born in St. Petersburg (died 1826). He was a member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, an author of the first compilation on the minerals of Russia (1809), and one of the founders of the St. Petersburg Mineralogical Society (1817).           

April 8 – Victor Ponomarenko was born. He graduathed from the Moscow State Mining Academy. He is a geologist, collector, and connoisseur of mineralogy of Dalnegorsk and Zhezkazghan. Last year he worked on the abandoned pegmatites of Akzhailyau in eastern Kazakhstan where he collected outstanding crystals of pink apatite with alexandrite effect.

            April 10, 1927 – Alexander Alexandrovich Godovikov (see above) was born. He is a famous Russian mineralogist. Mineral godovikovite is named in his honor.

            April 13, 1923 – Anatoly Ivanovich Kuvarzin was born. He is a geologist and a connoisseur of gemstones who worked for many years on the deposits of peuso-optic raw materials and gemstones for the Eksportsamotsvety Expedition. In the 1970s, he was a director of the “Colored Stones” shop in Moscow. He is one of the enthusiastic supporters of the Geopark Project. Together with Godovikov, he worked in the Vernadsky State Geological Museum after its opening in 1988.

             April 17, 1834 – Nils Gustaf Nordenskiold discovered alexandrite on the birth day of the future Emperor Alexander II. This jewelry variety of chrysoberyl originated from Izumrudnye Mines in the Middle Urals.              

             April 19, 1957 – Vladimir Krikov was born. This geologist and collector graduated from the Moscow State Mining Academy. He worked on the famous deposits of Kazakhstan (Altyn-Tyube, Kara-Oba, Akchatau). The main subject of his outstanding collection is micro-inclusions in quartz. These specimens attracted special attention in the Friends of Mineralogy Club in January-March 2003.

April 24, 2003, the Chukhrov memorial scientific readings were held in IGEM RAS where Dr. N.S. Bortnikov reported on mineralogy and geochemistry of the ocean floor ores

April 24, 1902, Georgy Alexeevich Krutov, a mineralogist and a geologist, was born (died 1989). He was a Professor of the Mineralogy Chair, Moscow University, and specialized in studies of cobalt deposits. Mineral krutovite was named in his honor.


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