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The Grandmasters of Mineral Photography.
Mineralogical Almanac Special Issue. Moscow, 2004. 136 pages, 117 color plates,
13 b/w photographs, soft cover. Price $45.

This special issue features 14 expert mineral and gem photographers whose work is well known to collectors and mineralogists throughout the world. For the past 30 years, thousands of their mineral photographs have been published in numerous scientific and popular science books, as well as in every periodical for collectors, including extraLapis English, Gems & Gemology, Lapis, Le Regne Mineral, Mineralien-Welt, Mineraux & Fossils, Mineralogical Almanac, Mineralogical Record, Revista de Minerales, Rivista Mineralogica Italiana, Rocks & Minerals, Rock and Gem, World of Stones, and

Supporting organizations:
Lomonosov Moscow State University



We would like to express our gratitude to Marie and Terry Huizing who participated as volunteers in preparation of this special issue doing a lot of editing, helped us to contact photographers and gave us a lot of good ideas which improved the issue greatly.

Many thanks extended to our friends Irena and Eric Rook from Tucson and Irina and Gregory Abramov for their permanent help and support.




This special issue of the Mineralogical Almanac is a departure from the general content of past issues, for it features neither famous mineral collections nor outstanding mineral deposits. Rather, it presents for the first time ever (under one cover!) a collection of works titled Grandmasters of Mineral Photography.

Most aficionados of photographic art are accustomed to seeing exhibitions featuring still life, landscape, portrait, sport or wildlife photography.  Likewise, books abound that gather the work of the world’s great photographers on these subjects. However, one can scarcely point to an international exhibition or photo album devoted exclusively to the best of mineral photography, though such exposure is well deserved.

Mineral photography is unique in that the photographer must have more than just talent and technical know-how; a depth of mineral knowledge is also required. Thus, it is not surprising that the photographers presented in this issue are well educated in mineralogy, either as professionals in the field or as advanced collectors with many years of mineral collecting experience.  The success and popularity of their work is a result of the marriage of their photographic talent with their mineralogical knowledge. All of the photographers are active in this field and are well known far beyond their native borders. Their work has been published in mineral magazines and books the world over.

When taking mineral photographs, these artists must combine the precision of a document photo with the poetry of image, which opens the “soul” of a mineral specimen. Torn between these two contradictory tasks, the photographer is bound to abandon special effects and other techniques, common for creative photography. Even though thus restricted in creative tools, the photographers presented in this photo album manage to produce genuine masterpieces.

Fourteen top mineral photographers from the United States, France, Italy, Germany, Japan and Russia are included. Each chose the photographs to be featured and provided personal background information.

We hope you will enjoy reading about these photographers and will share our admiration for the stunning images of the beautiful and mysterious mineral world they present.

Nikolay O. Parlashkevich



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