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The Institute for  the USA and Canada Studies, 2/3 Khlebny per., G-69 123995 Moscow, Russian Federation

Russian Academy of Sciences
The Institute for the USA and Canadian Studies

The Institute for the USA and Canada Studies in Moscow

The Institute for  the USA and Canada Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences was established over 30 years ago in Moscow by 1967 as a solid scientific research institution for advanced studies of the economy, policy, and ideology of the United States of America and Canada. It is the first and the largest "think tank" in Russia organized to study the USA and Canada specifically and comprehensively through the open publications and different official sources.The Institute produces numerous research reports on political and economic issues for the Russian Government, as well as prepares serious scientific publications in many related academic fields. Such principal fields of study include basic trends in the development of the U.S. and Canadian economy, military and political strategy, theory and practice of the U.S. foreign policy, social and cultural problems of the American and Canadian societies. The staff members of the Institute are heavily involved in different research and consulting projects for the Russian Government and for the national Federal Assembly.

A distinguished Russian scholar and a decorated World War II veteran - Academician, Professor George A. Arbatov, Dr. Sc. (Hist.) has been the first Director of the Institute from the day of its inception, later followed by a prominent expert in military political history Sergey M. Rogov, Dr. Sc. (Hist.).

The Institute's academic activities involved fundamental and applied researches as well as the coordination of American studies in the C.I.S. countries. The basic publications include a monthly journal, called "USA - Canada: Economics, Politics, Culture", as well as many monographs related to the domestic, foreign, and military issues of the two countries, specific macro economic and cultural aspects, business management, agriculture, etc. The Institute participates in international research exchanges, and also conducts regular conferences and seminars in Moscow. The postal address of the Institute is given below. The Institute consists of different research departments, divisions and sections. More details on the Institute are here.

Department of Economic Studies

The Department of  domestic Economic Studies (1970-2008) served as a principal research and consulting unit of the Institute and was responsible for academic programs related to analysis of basic trends in economic and social development in the USA and Canada, on mechanisms of federal regulation for basic economic activities in the both countries, on foreign investments and trade in Russia, Russian free economic zones, on regional economic development in the USA as well as Russia and in the other C.I.S. countries connected with foreign investments. The Department had strong ties to the Russian Federal Assembly and to the Federal Government, primarily with the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of State Property, and with the different agencies on international cooperation and development. The Department was also linked to the group of economic advisers to the Russian President.

In 1980-1996 the Head of the Department was well known expert Professor Lev N. Karpov, Dr. Sc. (Econ.), later followed by experienced scholar Professor Victor B. Supyan, Dr. Sc. (Econ.) since 1997. In 1999 a professional expert in social insurance and labor force Ludmila F. Lebedeva, Dr. Sc. (Econ.) was nominated as the new current Head of the Deparment. The Department was transformed into several independent reseach centers by summer 2008.

The staff members of the Department were the principal contributors to the new Russian laws on foreign investments, employment, mineral production costs sharing, mining law, concessions, and free economic zones. The Department also carried out commercial feasibility studies and consults the regional authorities of Russia and in some other new independent states on the territory of the former USSR. Apart from Russia the Department had established working relationships with the different international and foreign national development organizations such as the World Bank, UNIDO, and the EBRD; with some major US and European commercial companies involved in energy and raw materials production; with several American as well as European universities and research institutions.

Division of Energy Studies and Econometric Data Bases

This research Division (Section) was founded by August 1995 at the Department of Economic Studies of the Institute of the USA and Canada Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Russian Federation; it had 8 current staff members. The Head of the Division (1995-2008) was a qualified economist Andrei V. Korneyev, Ph.D. (Econ.). The main directions of research activity of the Division were the following:

a) Energy and Raw Material Supply for the USA and Russia; b) Economic aspects of Federal Energy Research and Development in the USA; c) Budget Processes and Systems of Taxation in the USA and Russia; d) Computerized Econometric Data Bases; e) Internet Information Security.

The research fellows of the Division participated in drafting and development of several new Russian laws on foreign investments, on the agreements of international disjunction of mineral and energy production, on general mining and free economic zones. The Division took part in composition of analytical reports according to the orders of commercial structures and also develops the recommendations for regional authorities of Russia.

The Division prepared regular analytical and information materials for such Russian governmental structures as Ministry of Industries and Energy, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Security Council, Accounting Chamber, and also for different committees of the State Duma and the Council of the Federation.

The staff members of the Division delivered research reports at various scientific conferences in Russia and abroad. They also took active part in different educational projects. The Division was equipped with modern computer systems that are used for processing, transmission and storage of scientific data through a dedicated local area network with the Internet extension. The Division was transformed into research Center of Energy Security Problems at the same Institute by summer 2008 .

The Institute for the USA and Canada Studies, 2/3 Khlebny per., G-69 123995 Moscow, Russian Federation.
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